Police offense (case) reports, public roadway crash reports, private property crash exchange sheet, local background check, photos, in-car video, and body lapel video.

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A written request shall identify the records sought with reasonable particularity.   If fees are due, an invoice will be generated requiring fees to be paid in full prior to the release of the records sought. 

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Effective April 15, 2013 the City of Farmington Police Department charges the following for police records:

  • Police reports - $.50 per page (individuals named in the report may obtain one copy at no cost)
  • Crash reports, including private property exchange forms - $2.00 each (individuals named in a crash report may obtain one copy at no cost)
  • City of Farmington (FPD records only) background check - $5.00 each
  • In-car and/or body-lapel video footage - $20 per case (will include all officers & cars multiple DVD discs for a single case)
  • Crime or Crash Photos $15.00 per CD